The 2 entrances to the Gassons Play Park area have now been improved. With tarmac infill to match the road adjacent to the park.

Now the  Flood Lights have been installed. Please be aware that the lights will turn off an 9pm (8pm winter ) and as a safety measure, 2 lights will go off first then the other 2 5 mins later. Now for those that are keen on using the area, I would suggest you form a group, Let’s say calling yourselves  “The Somerton Wheelers”. Get some adults interested as well as any  younger users and be the voice. Get information of how it works what else you would like ect: ect: That way you can give STC the information needed for the future for the Skate park………

Here is a view of the new CCTV camera on the children’s play area and skate park. It is 1 of 2 that will cover the  area.

Recently in 2022/23 there has seen a marked increase of ASB as well as Vandalism. In September 2022, 2 youths vandalised the “Magic Mountain”. The bill for repair is £20,00 of rate payers money (approximately £15.00 per household) and that repair will be undertaken in September 2023. when the police were given Video of the  Damage to the “Magic Mountain” they were unable to prosecute the perpetrators as the CCTV was not close enough to provide “beyond a shadow of doubt” evidence who they were. This is an ongoing matter for  Somerton Town Council. We have clear and definite images of who we believe caused the damage. We may consider a private prosecution to recover the cost of the damage, something that will be with the perpetrators for most of their working life. 

 You may remember the seating on the left (the green metal ones ) had a shelter. That had to be removed because it was also vandalised. 

The gates to  the skate park have also been “Jammed open” which could cause harm to the users.

 You will also notice that the car park is covered. There have been unsubstantiated  reports that  “Drug dealing” may occur there.

On the skate park itself there has been graffiti using language that is unacceptable verbally let alone on display in a public place. STC has to regularly clean up the graffiti at another  cost to the  ratepayers.

Also when the Flood light work is completed in mid-September, where will be automatically switched off around 9 pm at night ( ½ first then the final set ) we can insure that users are not putting themselves in danger in the dark.

Rest assured that the purpose of the CCTV is not  some sort of 24 hour surveillance/viewing platform. It is recorded onto a system so if any violence, anti social behaviour or report of illegal activity an evidential record can be extracted by either the police, the council who own the play equipment or the trust who  manage the area on behalf of the community, who by the way have also had valuable property stolen.