Great news  Somerton Now has it’s 2nd Speed Indicator  Device. With the  little Extras to the unit and it’s  capability. Speed through and on the towns roads. Putting our residents in danger will now have consequences

This website is for information about what I am doing as a Councillor, having been 

Elected by 8% of voters to Somerton Town Council May 2019

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The Town Council has had a series of  resignations over the past month leaving 5 positions vacant. One was filled at the last  meeting of the council 14th July. The other 4 vacant seats on the council will now be  contested  in an election by the residents of    Somerton, in true  democratic fashion.

Candidates have plenty of time to prepare for the election as it will take place  on the 6th of  May 2021 next year. 

With the possibility of a whole new look to the way Somerset will be run in the future and potentially a devolving downward of responsibilities to Town and Parish councils. The next few years will be crucial to Somerton’s  future. So why not stand as  a candidate in our local election on 6th May.

Prepare for the journey ahead.

With the New school opening after the Easter half term at the new Northfield site. Here are a couple of links that may be interesting. To Wessex archaeology and the history they found at the site of the new school at the start of construction. Plus Somerset County Council 

Newsroom article giving full details of what the school has for the Children of Somerton

Links to  National Government and local organisation that I use.

Above are the links I use to get the information about National and Local events and actions. The Westminster Library website is a valuable source to information that our MP’s use. “They Work for you” allows you to see how you’re MP’s Votes on issues and legislation. The link to Our MP’s for Somerton & Frome constituency.

To all those kind voters who placed me 3rd in the list of elected candidates in the 2019 Town Council Election. My greatfull thanks to you all. I will strive to work on your behalf and for our wonderful town of  Somerton. Please feel free to tell me your views and concerns. I will work hard to represent Somerton and its population to the best of my ability. Once again thank you for your confidence in me.

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